How To Stop Your Teenage Child From Smoking?

A teenage year is one of the most impressionable age in any human being’s life. It’s a fast fast world with time being the scarcest commodity. And teenagers of this fast paced modern era do not have the time or the inclination to pause or ponder.

Being teenagers they have the habit of counter questioning everything or anything we say. In fact they seem to be having answers for all their actions and can justify them easily.

Picking up bad habits is one such action that they seem to do easily. Smoking is one serious habit which needs to be checked well in time.

Teenage smoking has been increasing at a phenomenal rate since the last few decades and as responsible parents we should not show any laxity in checking this habit. In fact nipping it in the bud would be the best option in controlling this plague.

Some tips to ensure that teens stop smoking are:

  1. Ensure that elders in the family do not smoke. You would be morally at a disadvantage if the teens get to see their own family members smoking.
  2. Take the help of the educational institution, friends or the social environment that the teen spends most of his/her time in. The parents need to be provided with helpful resources for identifying the remedy for their addiction.
  3. Educational institutions should make it a point to include educating the teens on compulsive smoking addiction as a part of their syllabi.
  4. Parents can take the help of voluntary organizations or de-addiction camps to take their child to in order to wean their son/daughter from this habit.
  5. Withdrawal symptoms may include self-destructive tendencies or neglect in studies. Ensure that able counsellors and medical staff are notified immediately when such symptoms occur.
  6. Lack of communication between children and the family leads to such kind of addictions. Hence the family elders should ensure that their moral values and ethics are in place.


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