Is Your Child Pinching? Teach Discipline To Your Child Immediately!

If your child is aggressive, he tends to pinch others. It senses like a shock when a baby pinches.

Did you ever try to know the reason why your baby pinched you?

Actually, when your baby reaches the milestone of 6-9 months, she/he becomes stronger and can able to manage the body.

The baby can bite [toddler biting], pinch, tug, grab, and reach, but the baby is not so aggressive that she/he feels to hurt others.

When the baby reaches the milestone of 9-12 months, the baby will have angry feelings that can change from time to time.child pinching

During this period, they can show their real anger. It is true that when the children are discouraged, they behave inappropriately.

For example, when the parents ignore them from other activities, they become aggressive because they believe that you are paying attention to something or someone else and they need immediate attention towards them.

When you still say the children to go away, then this aggressive behavior worsens, but if you pay attention the result will be completely different.

Also, when you grab anything from them or if they do not get anything, which they would like to have, then you can see the real anger in their faces.

Children usually tend to pinch others at their first birthday and continue to do so till the habit goes naturally. Many parents think that pinching is a type of aggression, but some children do not make such connection.

Discover the cause of pinching in your children

Discovering the reason behind the children’s pinching behavior towards others helps the parents to control and gradually end this pinching habit.

There are many causes for the children to pinch. Most of the children pinch when they are aggressive and unable to verbalize or express their emotions.

Some children, when they are in the process of learning to control small muscles, they will pinch others as a motivating means of grasping things. On the other hand, some children simply pinch others just to know what others feel with pinching. Some children learn pinching from others in growing stage.

Parents with children who pinch should teach them discipline immediately when they start pinching others by warning them clearly of not pitching others. Positive discipline is a best approach of parenting.

In real, when pinching others, children do not know that they are causing physical pain and hurting them. Parents should tell the children smoothly in a simple language, such as “pinching causes pain to others.”

Also, you need to explain your children that “the way you treat others, the others will also treat you in the same way” or “you should treat others in the same way as you would like to be treated by others.”

Whenever you get the opportunity, repeat it often, so that your children can keep this in their mind and learn something from this rule and they can judge themselves whether their behavior is good or bad.

When you see your children pinching others, immediately give discipline to your children. If you see your children continue to do so even after disciplining, warning, etc, it is better to take them to the doctor.


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