Is Your Teenager Behaving Badly?

Your teenaged daughter has just answered you rudely, when all you did was ask her where she was off to, wearing the skimpy clothes.

You are trying your best to control your temper, because you do not want to make things worse than they are already, but you really don’t know what to do, and you wouldn’t mind a few tips to help you deal with this typically teenaged behavior.

Read on, you will find helpful hints on the behavioral problems of a teenager.

Adolescence, turbulence! Adolescence [Adolescence behavior] is a period of time in your child’s life when she goes through rapid changes, both physically and mentally, and she doesn’t understand them herself.

Furthermore, she has her newly developed ‘image’ to maintain with her peers, and this is also the time when her friends become more important to her than her family and you.

This is a part of separating and individualizing, crucial aspects of a teenager’s life, and it is your duty to stand by her, no matter what, even if you feel hurt and rejected and would like to do the same to him.

Typical teenaged behavior

A typical teenager spends almost all her time on her cell phone, text-messaging her friends, and one way you can handle this is to make her pay her own cell phone bills.

This is a rather effective way to deal with the problem, and will immediately limit the usage. Similarly, you must set limits on the time she spends on the Internet, and you must make sure that the machine is put off at a reasonable time.

Your newly independent child going out and staying out late is another problem you have to face, and you may get frustrated that she breaks the curfew you have set.

The truth is that she is trying to test your limits with her behavior, but do not give up by any means: she will respect you and thank you later for the boundaries you have set for her.

Another behavior problem in teens is that she can hang out with the most obnoxious looking kids. Remember, even bizarre looking kids, with eyebrow piercings, long greasy hair and leather jackets can be just normal kids trying to rebel.

You can just ignore them if your teen insists on hanging out with them, but remain wary because this is the age when your teen can take up drugs, smoking and drinking. If you suspect that your teen has started any of these habits, talk to her, or on the other hand, see a counselor immediately and obtain professional advice on how to deal with the problem.

Weren’t you a teenager once? Don’t forget, you too were a teenager once, and you too must have caused your parents some grief! Lay off most of the time, but seek help when needed.


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