Negative Family Environment Linked To Child Aggression

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence to support the premise that home environment is what impacts a child’s behavior most. This premise is also borne out by a recent study conducted which examined the link between negative family environments and aggressive behavior among children.

The study in which some 250 families with 8 year old children were examined looked at Family context and aggressive behavior in 8-year-old children.

child aggressive behaviorNot only the home and family but factors such as peers, school and friends were also examined to calculate impact on behavior.

The children that showed the most markedly aggressive or violent behavior were found to be looked after not by their parents but by either aunts and uncles or grandparents. So the factors that were seen to make the most difference were:

  • Absence of the parents from the lives of the children
  • Strict discipline enforced only by the father and not the mother as well
  • Restriction – permissiveness
  • Educational discrepancies
  • Stress
  • The perception that there was injustice in the allotment of household chores
  • What was seen as very influential to the children’s behavioral problems later on was the poor initial predisposition of the idea of paternity that fathers had

Source: Softpedia


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