Parents To Be Punished For Kids Playing Truant, Drinking

According to the recent news, it would seem that the authorities are putting more of the onus of children’s good behavior on parents and are going to punish them for their kid’s bad behavior.

In Sacramento County, it becomes illegal for adults to provide alcohol to kids under age 21. Parents have been warned that underage drinking can land them in jail. There is the perception that many parents want to be their teen’s best friend rather than protect their kids.

teenage girls drinking alcoholSo parents need to be really careful, because they could land up in jail even if they aren’t at home when the drinking was going on.

The law requires parents to be responsible and make sure that there will be no booze even at the friend’s party that their kids are going to attend.

And in California, parents would be held responsible if their kids repeatedly skipped school. This bill was passed by the California senate and now goes to the assembly.

The parents of children who are chronically seen to play truant could be charged with a misdemeanor by the prosecutor. This misdemeanor could bring on stiff penalties including up to a year in jail and a two thousand dollar fine.


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