Problems Linked To Too Much Texting

According to a new study, too much texting or spending too much time on social networking sites can cause a number of problems among high school kids. Worrisome behaviors such as eating disorders, alcohol abuse, smoking, absenteeism, and depression have been noted among those children who spend too much time pursuing these activities.

Too Much Texting

The study, spanning 4000 students and 20 schools found that 20% kids were sending more than 120 text messages a day and 10% spent more than three hours on social networking sites. About 4% of kids surveyed said that they did both.

These 4% kids are more at risk of problems such as binge drinking, smoking, fighting, getting suicidal thoughts, becoming cyber victims, nodding off in class and missing school.

The study’s lead author Dr. Scott Frank, a family physician who is director of the public-health master’s program at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine offers an explanation for the connection between the two – those kids who use too much of these technologies probably try very hard to fit in.

In the process they also engage in other behaviors they believe to be popular such as drinking, having sex, and other high risk adolescent behaviors.


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