Six Bad Behaviors And How To Handle Them

Children-by all means-are lovable, adorable, and yes, cute! They can melt your heart like butter in the hot sun.

With a dash of their eyes, they will get you to do what they want, and with the pout of their lips, you will forget that you were angry.

However, this cuteness can only go so far, especially when bad behaviors consistently present themselves. Love and discipline go hand in hand.


According to psychologist Charlotte J. Patterson, when children throw a tantrum, they are just showing their independence, and express their opinions.

She says, “Parents need to be proactive to avoid tantrums.” This means, you must know when your children are tired or hungry, and be prepared to keep them occupied with small toy or snack. If all effort fails, calmly remove the children from the scene.

When your children know that you will not tolerate any tantrums, they will learn that they won’t get what they want.

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