Spanking Could Lead To Aggression, Tantrums And Defiance

We have been told for a while now that you must spare the rod to save the child and this recent study lends even more credence to this premise. Apparently, if you spank your preschooler you are more likely to have a child who is defiant, throws tantrums and is more frustrated and prone to physical outbursts by the time he or she turns 5.

The American Academy of Pediatrics forbids all corporal punishment for children including spanking, which published this study. Even an earlier study published by the academy indicated that spanking negatively impacts a child’s cognitive skills.

spankingThis study found that those parents, who spanked frequently, are three times a month or more often, put their children more at risk of displaying such objectionable behavior by the time they turned 5.

The study found that spanking is still a common occurrence; with nearly 50% of parents still indulging in the practice of spanking.

The reason that a child will learn to display aggressive behavior later is the fact that he or she feels insecure and fearful when they are spanked. They feel powerless, trapped and scared, which is why parents who spank are advised to rethink their strategies for discipline.

Source: NY Daily News


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