Symptoms of Emotional Abuse in Children

Before thinking about the symptoms of emotional abuse in children, you should know that there are four different kinds of abuse: physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect. Emotional abuse is defined as any kind of inappropriate behavior that involves the child’s mental or social health.

Symptoms of Emotional Abuse in Children

The emotional abuse in children symptoms

This kind of abuse affects the emotional, behavioral and mental well-being of the child. These symptomscan be seen in case of adults as well who were abused as a child. Usually the children who show thesesigns have higher chances of being arrested or getting in trouble later in their life.

Emotional signs of emotional abuse in children

The sad truth is that in about one-third of the cases, the children who grow up in abusive families will become abusive parents. As emotional effects, the specialists often encounter low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, difficulties in having relationships, aggressiveness and personality disorders.

When it comes to the symptoms of emotional abuse in children, you also have to think about alienation, clinginess, neediness and it is common for children to have nightmares. The children who show signs of this kind are often found to have been abused at home.

Signs proving behavioral children’s emotional abuse

Usually the symptoms of this kind include difficulties with schoolwork, unwanted pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, suicidal behavior, eating disorders, criminal behavior, prostitution and abusing the people around them. These are only some examples of the possible symptoms, and there are some others as well to keep an eye out for.

Further information about the symptoms of emotional abuse in children

Emotional abuse doesn’t have the same hallmarks as physical abuse. The symptoms that the child develops depend on the age of the child. One of the most important red flags is the behavior of the child not being in concordance with his or her age.

The people looking for the warning signs of emotional abuse in kids should know about rocking, inappropriate aggression, sucking or biting, stealing, having sleep disorders, lying, destroying other people’s properties, having speech disorders, excessive anger, not playing like a regular child, having phobias, hysterical outbursts and being obsessive and compulsive.

Sometimes the symptoms of emotional abuse in children are more difficult to recognize, especially if you don’t know the child very well. However if you think you see any of the signs, the best thing to do is to let the authorities know.


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