Vodka Soaked Tampons? Beware!

For parents who are looking to monitor their teens’ behavior[child behavior problems]  to make sure they raise responsible and sensible children; here is one more headache to deal with: Vodka Soaked Tampons!

This is apparently the new high, which teens are indulging in: actually drinking the stuff is an invitation to getting caught because booze is so easily detectable on the breath, so some evidently deviant kids found another way tampons soaked in vodka and inserted either vaginally or anally (apparently the boys didn’t want to get left behind).Tampons

This, apparently gives a better and quicker high because the alcohol gets absorbed into the blood stream even quicker than if it was actually drunk and digested and then allowed to enter the blood stream.

Now while this may sound quite horrendous and also quite farfetched, consider that adolescents are prepared to go to any lengths under peer pressure and to gain social acceptance. A lot of frankly stupid things are done in the name of ‘cool’.

So while no parent should be spying on their child, and this idiotic idea, thankfully is not any kind of trend, this is just one more fact that a prudent parent should be aware of, should there be an unlikely possibility of something like this being true for their child!


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