What Leads to Child Behavior Disorders?

It is completely normal for your child to be naughty and unruly at times. Kids tend to misbehave no matter how finely you manage your child’s behavior. They act out for a number of reasons that are temporary and nothing to worry about. However, behavior disorders tend to be more serious. These extremely abrupt and challenging behaviors are outside the norm and misappropriate for a particular child age. There are a number of reasons that may lead a child behavior disorder. Read on to know more on the causes of behavioral problem amongst children.

what leads to child behavior disordersStyle of Parenting

It can be a major cause of child behavior problem. Any sort of disturbances in the child’s surrounding like marital issues, family problems, separation, neglecting or abusing the child, etc. can lead to the child behaving in an unruly manner.

Stressed and Disturbed Surrounding

Stress and tiredness can also be a cause of child behavior disorder. Stress for a long time results in disturbances in psychological functions like sleeping and feeding.  Some children may also show disturbances in their relation with friends and family, while others may exhibit poor performance in school.

Being too Permissive

As a parent, make sure you’re not too permissive to your child. You may pamper your child but you should also teach him that you will not give in to all his demands.

Strict Punishments

Strict punishment or strict enforcement of rules may have a negative impact on a child’s personality. We understand the importance of discipline in life. While teaching him discipline you should make sure that you are not being too strict with the rules.

Lack of Close Supervision

You must supervise you child closely. You must watch his actions and habits to ensure that he’s behaving normally and at the same he’s free from any sort of harm. Lack of supervision may mislead a child to an undesired situation.

Lack of Parental Attachment

Lack of positive attachment may lead to behavior disorder in the child in the long run. A child needs his/her parent more than anybody else in the world. Hence, it is imperative that you ensure your child is attached with you.


Another reason that may account for child behavior disorder is that they might have experienced a tough time separating from his/her parent when young. Bereavement or a parent not giving proper time to a child may result in his misbehavior.

Whenever you see your child behaving differently, try to watch it closely. If you sense something is truly wrong and you are unable to understand the reason behind it, approach him compassionately. Ensure he’s not desensitized or de-motivated. Being a parent it is you who have to adopt certain changes that would result in your child’s favorable behavior.


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