Worried About Drunk Teen? Tips To Keep Your Teen Away From Drinking!

It is a problem every parent is afraid of.

At some point, you can notice your teen as drunk teen.

Drunk teen can fall into many problems such as encounter with police, driving under the influence of alcohol, accidents and risky decisions.

Tips To Keep Your Teen Away From Drinking:

Help your teen! You should learn all that you can to help your drunk teen.

Identify the suspicious behavior of your teen and influence your teen towards making right decisions when it comes to alcohol.Drunk Teen

Almost 25 percent of school students are addicted to alcohol. Car accidents involving drunk teen are one of the number one causes of death in United States. Alcohol related deaths among teenagers are approximately 13 percent illustrating clearly that drinking can cause problems to your drunk teen on the road.

Be consistent! You should raise your child showing him that drinking is not acceptable and creates many problems. Make sure that whatever your policy regarding your drunk teen, you remain consistent in your punishments and allowances. It is the only way to ensure your teen that you stand firm on your decisions of what are acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.

Explain about negative effects! Remind your drunk teen about the negative effects of alcohol over the long term. It is better to explain your teen when he is young. As a child if he understands the negative effects of drinking, he will be less anxious to apt to try alcohol in the teen age.

Of course it is certain and expected that your child experiments with alcohol at one point or other. According to the statistics, kids have drunk alcohol at least once before they have graduated from the high school.

Many parents are unaware of their drunk teen. If your teenager sees you drinking regularly, he will be less cautious about himself to alcohol. You should stress your drunk teen to never drink and drive or take a lift from someone who has been drinking.

Firm on your policies! Be firm on your policies regarding alcohol. Work with your drunk teen and discuss the situation if you find that they have been drinking in the past. Explain your drunk teen how his behavior makes you feel and your concerns.

Listen! Listen to your teen as well. Don’t simply force to listen to your point only. If your teen has any doubts or questions, you should be available to answer any questions or doubts he has.

Set a good example! The main thing in teaching your drunk teen about alcohol is to set a good example for your teen to follow. You are a big example for your teen to follow. If you engage in activities and practices that are not what you want your teen to do, he will never listen and follow the same practices and activities which you are following.

Keep this in mind when it comes to raising your child and follow the proper path to help your drunk teen follow the proper path.


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