6 Effective ways to Develop Artistic Skills in your Child

The word art” includes the entire creative process and a child can learn to articulate himself or build up expressions physically of his thoughts entirely by himself owing to his knack or this virtue can be developed by a little help from the parents and surroundings.

Unfortunately schools eliminate the art classes when they need to tighten their academic routines and syllabus completion targets. Hence you can initiate number of fun activities and options to develop artistic skills in your child right at home with the below mentioned simple tips –

develop artistic skills in your child

1. Let it be messy for first few weeks

Art projects of your child will surely mess up things considering his/her age. As a parent you should not get afraid of such things if you want to develop skill of art in your child.

Hands are their learning means. You can encourage your child to create models with simple household things like dough of flour. Instruct him/her to divide that dough into portions and you may find happy face of your child in doing so.

Participate in your child’s creativity and can add food colours as well to it and praise his/her creations.

2. Opt for rhyming games

To broaden your child’s vocabulary and musical sense, this method can be incorporated. You can start with easily understandable such as “I love you” in a rhyming way. On reply he/she can say “I love mom/dad”.

This process will also teach your child about the correct from of verbal communication. There are many rhymes that are taught from infancy and they not only help them to get the basic ideologies but will also develop the skill of understanding musical words.

3. Music

Your child is not capable of distinguishing between noise and music unless you introduce him to the world of music. Singing a song combining with the activity of banging a pot and spoon can cherish your child.

He/she does not bother whether his/her parent have voice of proficient singer or is a skilled drummer. It will on the other hand teach your child about the different noises of various containers as well as hand-eye coordination and recreations of words.

4. Dancing

Freedom of expression can be stimulated through dancing. It helps your child to coordinate between movements and music. Allow yourself to move freely as well as promote your child to do so.

5. Hide and seek game

You can challenge your child through the indoor game of hide and seek. Every age of child will enjoy playing this game with their parents. It opens up the opportunity of exploring the reality that being separated from parents they can be safe. You have to be aware whether your child is hiding in a safe place or not.

6. Display your child’s work

If your child creates any individual piece of art, it deserves to be exhibited on board frame or you can laminate it. You can as well clip it with art wire to protect it and utilize it as home décor.

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