The Importance of Building Blocks in Child Development

The next time you go to a toy store to buy something for your child, make sure you pick a pack of building blocks. Building blocks are not just fun toys for kids to play with but can also help them in many ways. Building blocks stimulate learning, motor skills and brain development.

Such blocks are available in many colors, sizes and are produced by a large number of manufacturers in the world and can be found at any toy or game store near you. Below given are some of the ways in which building blocks helps in child development:

building blocks in child development


Building blocks or unit blocks encourage kids to cooperate with others who play with them and this inculcates a feeling of sharing and friendship. These also help them to develop their problem solving skills and enable them to be comfortable in groups.


To play with building blocks, children are required to reach for them, pick them up, stack them together and this helps to build hand-eye coordination and agility. This also helps children to improve their hand and finger strength and thus prove useful physically. Building blocks also prove amazing for kindergarten kids as they learn to develop skills in design, balance, stability and representation.


Building blocks also help kids to develop their creative skills since to build different designs, one needs to use their creative thinking. Blocks can also be used for pretend play which too stimulates creative thinking among the children.


Building blocks can help children across various academic subjects. Not only do they enable vocabulary and knowledge of alphabets but also help them learn and identify shapes, sizes, fruits, vegetables, colors and animals etc. Preschool children also develop math skills by adding, subtracting, grouping and other such activities on blocks. Older children may learn more about balance, geometry and gravity through blocks.

Sense of Responsibility

Blocks is usually sold in groups of multiples and once children are provided with them, they inculcate a sense of responsibility by making efforts not to lose them or separate them. They learn to collect and stack back into the box and this develops their sense of ownership and organization as well.

Stimulates Senses

For infants and toddlers, building blocks of different colors can stimulate the sense of vision and colors and this is yet another amazing benefit that such games offer.


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