6 Best Alternatives For Spanking

Are you in search of better alternatives for spanking? Spanking or physical punishment can develop negative attitude in children from your side and leads to various problems in future.

If you want to avoid physical punishment for your kids and teach them discipline in effective ways, here are few ideas for you.

  1. Give choices to them instead of punishing physically. For example, you can offer choices like, “would you like to play with your sister without hitting or would you like staying alone in your room?” But, be careful, while giving choices to your child. Don’t combine a choice and threat together.
  2. Instead of punishing your children for misbehavior, clearly explain your kids what you expect from them and teach them how they can change their misbehaving attitude.
  3. Take time for yourself to stay calm or act to your child’s misbehavior. If you are really stressed out with your child’s behavior, simply think about their positive behavior and stay calm for few minutes.
  4. Instead of smacking your kid’s hand when he touches something he is not supposed to, kindly but firmly pick them up and take them to next room. Offer his favorite toy or another interesting and safe item to avert them.
  5. When you really feel like punishing or slapping your child for his behavior, it would be better for you to withdraw the argument immediately. Take time for yourself to calm down and tell him to meet you in the next room after few minutes.
  6. More often many of you try to focus on your child’s misbehavior and degrade those positive things that your child can do well. So, identify positive behavioral aspects in your child and use them to avoid misbehaving attitude.


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