Give Them What They Want Or Encourage Them To Deserve It

Child rearing is one of the most worthwhile and rewarding thing for parents.

But there are instances that parenting may go wrong and end up as a failure caused by a lot of factors involved.

As children grow, it is important for parents to take careful actions in dealing with them.

Back in the old days, the needs of the children ranged between simple and inexpensive things like food, new clothes and toys[toddler toys].

It was easy for parents to provide these little demands because back then, they were a lot cheaper.Child rearing

But with the new generation, where we are at the peak of our technological inventions, many things have drastically changed, including costs.

When a child starts to ask for something that parents cannot give right away, it is advised to find a good way in reassuring them that they will be getting the things they wanted.

Children might act out and be stubborn[Stubborn kid] when such a situation appears. Most parents find it really hard to say “no” but taking the right decision in matters like these, should be strictly imposed.

The concept of reward and punishment can serve as every parent’s code of discipline to fully understand and take necessary actions in difficult situations when dealing with the children.

Encouraging kids to do well in their studies by getting good grades or participating in house chores to receive the thing they desire is a very good motivational tool.

Praise and recognition to every little exerted effort helps in reinforcing their good behaviour.


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