How to Discipline a Child Well

Discipline is something that no child wants but is vital for a calm family environment. The problem is that many parents believe that the only option when it comes to disciplining a child is through shouting. This is not the only option; there are a number of other tactics that you can use.

Here are just four ways when it comes to learning how to discipline a child.

How to discipline a child – Avoid shouting

Shouting at your child will not work. It may for the first couple of times but eventually, the child will switch off and not listen. This is usually the case if you use the tactic too much. Of course, there are times that shouting is the only option – such as when they are doing something that could harm them and you cannot get to them soon enough. Avoid shouting as much as possible and switch to effective methods.

The disappointed routine

Instead of being angry, play the disappointed card. This is something that affects children more because they hate to feel like they have disappointed someone.

When it comes to telling a child off for something that has happened, take the time to ask how they think their behavior has affected the situation and how it has affected you.

Giving them time to think about their actions will mean that they are more likely to not do it in the future – especially when they know that you are disappointed in them.

Time outs

This is something that many parents are finding useful while thinking how to discipline a child, especially with younger children. This works in a similar way to showing that you are disappointed but does take some time to make it a normal family thing.

You put your child on the “naughty step” or in the “naughty corner” and they have to sit there, quietly, for a set amount of time – usually one minute for each year of their age. This will mean that they do not get any attention from you and have time to think about what they could have done differently. It is usually the attention that makes them continue to act out.


While punishment works, the worst thing you can do is punish for no reason. You need to give your child a chance to learn and change. If a child does something naughty, explain what behavior you want from them and the punishment that you will give the next time it happens.

Always follow through with the punishment the second time if it does occur – not following through and constantly giving warnings will let the child feel like he or she can get away with anything. This is a golden rule of how to discipline a child.

You are not a bad parent because you are disciplining your child; that makes you a good parent. You are not there to be their best friend; you are there to teach them about right from wrong. At the same time, you will also need to be someone that they trust and will come to for advice and help.



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