It Is Never Too Soon To Teach Boys Respect For Women

It has been seen that crime among adults often has its roots in a criminal’s childhood or adolescence.

A child who grows up in a dysfunctional or violent home is much more likely to have a skewed perception of what is considered ‘normal’ behavior. [child behavior]

Set a Role Model

It’s a case of ‘practice what you preach’, really. In the family if a male is seen as respecting a woman, considering her views and opinions as important and as supportive and helpful around the house, it is an excellent role model for a young boy.teaching boy

He will grow up understanding that it is important for the ‘man of the house’ to do his chores around the house same as anyone else.

A male role model who is courteous to women and sensitive to their needs, is an excellent one for a young boy who will unconsciously pick up these positive attitudes from him.

Do Not Spoil the Boy

If you are the mother of a young boy, resist the temptation to do things for him, to pick up after him, to clear up his messes.

There are two negative fall outs to the mother who mollycoddles her child: one the boy is not going to learn to do his own chores, to clear up after himself and learn skills to take care of himself. Secondly he will grow up thinking that the work generated by him is his mother’s job to do; in other words ‘women’s work’.

So even if out of exasperation you want to get the job done and want to get it done well, resist the urge to do it yourself. It may take longer; it may not get done that well, but it is best for you and your youngster that he gets to do it himself.

Respect yourself

Setting boundaries and limits is a good idea because it teaches a child ‘this far and no further’. Also remember self sacrifice is not a good way to teach him to respect you.

It is important to send out the message that while your little boy may be the most important thing in your life, you are also important as are your needs and feelings, which cannot perpetually be subservient to his.

Monitor his Friends and Habits

Pay attention to the sort of friends your boy has and to the way he speaks and his choice of words.

Very often the bad habits and bad attitudes are not his, but learnt from the company he keeps so monitoring these may be a good way to check bad or disrespectful attitudes towards women.


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