5 Tips to Improve Positive Discipline In Children

While discipline is a positive virtue in any person’s life, when it comes to using the word for children it has prerogative connotations of punishment, withholding of privileges, physical chastisement and so on.

However using positive discipline, which identifies boundaries and helps children control and modify their own behavior, can be valuable for parents as well as children.

Some facets of positive discipline that parents can incorporate into their parenting style can be:

1. Respect

Respect is a two way street, so if you expect respect from your child, you have to offer respect to the child in terms of their wants and needs and also their feelings.

This also helps a child learn to respect their own self, which is a very valuable lesson in life.

2. Foster self esteem

Make sure that the child’s abilities and efforts are always appropriately appreciated and praised. This is a way of reinforcing good behavior so that a child is encouraged to repeat it. If a child has a negative self image, this will hinder the parent-child relationship which is another reason to foster self esteem.

3. Be a role model

A parent who is unfailingly kind and courteous, well mannered, who doesn’t show negative behavior like smoking or excessive drinking, road rage and poorly controlled anger, will be a positive role model for a child.

It is a form of positive discipline to be able to tell your child – look at your mother/father and be like him or her.

4. Constantly keep channels of communication open

Let the children feel that they can always come to their parent with any kind of problem; that the parent has the time for it, as well as the ability to sort it out. This creates trust and confidence.

5. Be consistent

Being consistent is one of the cardinal rules of parenting. Inconsistency can confuse and anger a child, making the parent seem unreasonable and unpredictable.


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