Teach Your Kids About Self Control – It Could Improve School Performances

Parents who are able to instill in their children qualities of self control are probably enabling them to deal with violence and bullying from others as well as helping them improve their school performance.

According to a study, which put kids through a three month mentoring program, it was observed that those children who were trained to control or manage their anger were more in control of their emotions. They were also seen as being better behaved in class. Such children were also less likely to suffer punishments or reprimands.teaching self control

There was a lot of difference observed between children who had been part of the mentoring program and those who had not.

It was not mental health professionals; but simply adults who mentored the children which yielded results.

The skills in relation to self control that the children imbibed were seen to help them function better in class and also meet school expectations better. The effects of the mentoring were direct and positive.

We have perhaps known ourselves as adults what a destructive and wasteful emotion anger can be and how disempowering it can be to lose control. If we are able to tutor our children to be the master of their anger, we can do them a big favor!

Source: softpedia


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