Top Tips for Making House Rules for Children that Stick

If you are a parent then you must know the importance of disciplined and well behaved children. Children who do not follow rules and do whatever and however they wish to turn out to be unruly. In order to ensure proper order and authority at home, all parents must make some house rules. But in most cases, such rules are taken casually and forgotten after a few days. So how does one really make house rules for children that stick? Well, you can follow the following given tips and suggestions:

tips for making house rules for children that stick

Keep it Real

The first and most effective tip for making house rules that stick is to keep it real and not unreasonably tough or strict.  Always make the rules which can be followed and do not become too adverse for the kids to follow. The rules that apply to children must also apply to other family members. For example if children are asked to help with small tasks at home, the elders must also pitch in.

Be Fair

If any of the rules is not followed, then you must be fair in giving the punishment or whatever consequence you have set for such a situation. The same consequence must apply to all and it always must be given in order to ensure seriousness of the house rules.  You must set in advance the punishment for rules like ‘not eating dinner at the dining table’ or ‘keeping the TV volume too high etc.’ But do not be too harsh as that instills fear and not discipline in children.

Be a Little Flexible

If you make rules that are too rigid, then chances are that children may not want to follow them. But if you make some space around the rules and make them flexible, then you might still have them followed and respected.  Change the scope of the house rules according to specific day to day situations. For example, you can be a little lenient on birthdays or weekends etc.

Be a Good Role Model

Unless your children see you doing the same things, they won’t be able to learn and follow. So be a good role model and set an example for them. Pick up the garbage and dump it at the right place so that the children can learn to do the same. Don’t order children around and help them in their designated activities.


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