Wrong Ways of Disciplining Kids

It is necessary to teach your kids the right and the wrong but are you doing it the right or the wrong way? Often wrong ways of disciplining can lead to serious behavioural problems and attitude troubles later in life. Stubbornness, lying, introvert, timid-ness, are just some consequences of wrong disciplining. Below is the list of some wrong ways of disciplining kids that you should definitely avoid:

wrong ways of disciplining kidsLetting them have the Last Word

It is one thing to love your kids but that does not mean you should recline to their each and every demand. Do not let them make decisions. You should have a strong hold and let them understand the value and limit of everything. It is not right to agree to everything they say as in that way they fail to appreciate.

Being Slave to your Kids

Every parent should absolutely avoid this. Do not clean the mess your kids create. Let them take responsibilities. Do not always say “ok I will do it for you” or “I will do it, he is just a kid”. These very words would gradually make your kid think that they do not need to do anything in the house as you are going to do it. Instead let them do chores that are appropriate for them to do and allow them to assist you in certain works, thereby making them more responsible.

Backing Down

Nobody wants to be the bad guy especially being the bad guy for your kid. But if you keep on giving warnings to your kids and never actually do what you are saying, your kid is definitely going to repeat his or her behaviour until you blow out. So instead of saying “if you do that then I will do this” just do it the very time he does a mistake. This way when ever your kid does something wrong you can remind them of the old consequence.

Bribing the Little Devil

We often say “if you have your vegetables then I am going to give you your favourite chocolate”. This is a very wrong way of disciplining your kid. It is good to reinforce good behaviour but not by bribe. Instead you can say “since you were a good kid and had your vegetables I am going to reward you for your good behaviour”. This is in fact a more appropriate way of reinforcing. Also always remember that it is important to reprimand your child for being bad.

Breaking the Rule you Created

Kids always pick up what the adults do and specially behaviour of their parents. If you do not preach what you practise, your kids are going to do the same. If you made rules like “no talking while eating” be sure that you follow it. If not your kids are going to pick it up and then you are the one to be blamed.

Loosing that Cool

Patience is a virtue and it is time you learn it while taking care of your child. If you lose your cool too easily, your kids are going to do the same. If something is irritating you do not lose your calm, take a long breath and try to get yourself distracted. Your child is also going to learn it that way.


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