Early Childhood Development Stages – The First 3 Years

When it comes to your children, you will need to know the stages of development. This is especially essential during early stages so that you know what to look out for and whether to be worried about something. While learning more about the early childhood development stages, it is worth remembering that all children, like adults, are different and will develop differently.

Early childhood development stages – One to three months

This is when a lot of things will be happening. Your baby’s senses will start to develop more and he or she will be able to see color. The muscles will also develop so you will find that your baby can smile now and will start to move the head. Your child will need a lot of care and protection during this one of the child development stages. There is a lot that will harm the infant and he or she will be fully dependent on you for protection, food and warmth.

Four to six months

You will notice more response from your baby. This is the time when your baby will start laughing and listening to you. He or she will be able to start repeating your actions, so this is the time to start talking to your baby on a regular basis to help with language development. You child will still need a lot of care and protection and will still be fully reliant on you.

Seven to twelve months

As your child reaches to being a year old, he or she will recognize his or her own name and will respond to it. The first words will be spoken around this time and he or she will also be able to pull up to a standing position. There are some infants who will be able to start walking at these early childhood development stages. Like before, your child will still rely on you for everything.

One to two years

These early childhood development stages are when motor skills are developed well. Your child will start to walk regularly and can last up to 20 minutes by the time he or she turns two. More and newer words will be spoken and your child will be able to confidently repeat and mimic what you say and do. Your child will now start to become independent but will still need you for everything and will need help with development. You will also need to help with the development of self-control and with potty training.

Two to three years

Your child will start to develop an understanding of what he or she is being told. This is the time to start working on differentiating right from wrong and teaching what belongs to you and what is your child’s. Your toddler will also start developing friendship groups but will continue to be possessive of your affection and will become jealous if you have a new baby on the way.

Your child will still need you to help with early childhood development stages, especially when it comes to making choices and sing along with songs.


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