3 Easy Tips For Your Child To Love Vegetables

Vegetables will never make it to the top of your child’s favorite food list. They see vegetables as unappetizing and not tasty at all.

However, as parents we all know that vegetables should be a part of our child’s diet.

Vegetables are excellent sources of essential vitamins and minerals needed by our kids to grow strong and healthy. However, we find it hard to feed our children vegetables. If you are also having the same problem, then you must try these tips which can help you teach your child to love vegetables:vegetables

1. Try a different recipe

If you always prepare vegetables in the same manner, now you have to change your style. Prepare a special recipe that includes your child’s favorite ingredients and add vegetables. They will be curious to have a bite of your new dish.

2. Shake it

Vegetables like carrots can be made into a delicious drink. Just add milk, sugar, and ice and blend them together for a delicious milk shake with a twist.

3. Make vegetable candies

This may sound new but you can definitely make candies from vegetables. Squash and sweet potato are examples of vegetables which you can make into candies. Just boil them, mash, and add sugar and condensed milk for a sweet treat.

Remember, your child needs vegetables to grow and you must find some creative means for them to eat vegetables.


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