Healthier Kids’ Lunch Alternatives For Parents

For sure, parents are looking to feed their kids healthier, and with it now being the back to school time, they are looking about for lunch options for their kids which are not laden with fat, sugar, sodium and preservatives, but are still convenient. And food manufacturers want to fulfill this parental requirement for healthy school lunches, with more than just an eye to the bottom line.

Recently Kraft Lunchables underwent a sweeping change, not just with regard to marketing and packaging but also content – lower fat and sodium and no high fructose corn syrup has meant a 10% jump in sales for the food products company.

Other companies such as ConAgra, is promoting whole wheat pastas, and then there is Go-Gurt, which is frozen yoghurt which can go into the lunch box and which is thawed and ready for eating by the time lunch time comes around.

Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion is an attempt to sneak veggies and fruit into the lunch boxes of kids.

However, nutritionists and doctors still argue that having these packaged products defeats the purpose of encouraging children to have whole, natural foods that are low in calories, sugar and sodium by themselves in the first place.


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