Jamie Oliver Helping American Kids Make Smart Choices

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution airs on Fridays, 9 p.m. on ABC and anyone who has seen the show probably felt the passion that the man has to transform the way America and particularly American kids eat.

And so passionate, Jamie Oliver plans to use his own money to bring about change in his native Britain. Reportedly he pledged millions of his own money to help schools, build gardens, school kitchens, plant seeds and fruit trees and pay for food education materials such as DVDs, websites and conferences.

jamie olivers food revolutionOliver urges America to WAKE UP! And he tells parents to get involved in the ‘Food Revolution’.

As a parent, the next time you go shopping, make the right choices, when you go to your kid’s school, have a look at what the kids are being served, speak to the principal, go and have a look at the kitchen; things may not be what they seem; they could far worse than they appear on paper.

He stresses the fact that children today are going to live a shorter life than their parents. Moderation is the key; and it is important to see what is in the food you eat: if it’s a burger, what are the additives, quality of meat, fat content etc.

According to him the problem is with the parents and they are the ones who should be most involved in the Food Revolution.

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