Are You Worried With Picky Eating Habit Of Your Child?

If it seems like your child eats nothing other than sandwiches or peanut butter, you are not alone. It has been estimated that almost 40% of kids aged less than 6 years are picky eaters.

Although it can be quite frustrating for you, but in fact it is normal developmental stage of a child.

So, you need not be worried so much. However, if you are really concerned about your little picky eater, these tips can probably help you.

Cut back on liquid calories

Low fat dairy products or 100 percent pure fruit juices can be a part of healthy diet. But if your little one fills up with a glass of juice or milk, he might not have space for snacks or meals.

Add flavor to food

Do you know kids have very delicate taste buds? But it doesn’t mean that they can not enjoy delicious flavorful foods. Actually, with natural sensitive taste buds, children can really enjoy the food when it tastes good.

Be patient and stay calm

Don’t force children to enjoy the food in his first bite. He needs at least 10 to 20 tastes prior he actually likes it. So, when you are offering new food to your little one, your child actually needs multiple exposures to new food in order to enjoy it thoroughly. So, be patient and don’t force to eat more.


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