The Challenges of Healthier School Food

You can serve a school kid broccoli, but it is quite another matter to have the child actually eat the food, as schools serving healthier foods are finding.

Reactions to healthier food being served at school cafeterias are mixed – while some kids are indifferent to the change, others like the change; however many actually refuse the change, referring to the food as “nasty” and demanding that if food has to be healthy, it has to be “good” as well. Recent statistics show that fewer school lunches are being consumed because kids are either not opting for them or because the lunches are being thrown away.

New trends of healthier food that feature more veggies, whole grain foods and less salt and sugar content, unfortunately seem to have created a negative impression among many students.  Students are finding less flavor in the food and are terming it as ‘dry’.

Kate Adamick, who specializes in revamping institutional food operations emphasizes that cooking flavorful food from scratch, is “not rocket science”, however it is clearly not that easy either. Schools are facing the same problem as concerned parents are trying to get their kids to eat healthy – serving health food is one thing, getting kids to eat healthy quite another!


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