Dealing With Text Bullying

Bullying can take many forms, from name calling to intimidation and even violence.

Often because everybody has a different interpretation of what is regarded as bullying it makes it harder to tackle.

What is universally accepted that the trauma of being bullied, in any form, is often defined as the worst experience of a person’s life.

Its effects can sometimes result in a lifetime of insecurities and low self esteem and many years of suffering. There have been a number of children that have committed suicide as a direct result of being bullied at school.text bullying

A new phenomenon has been seen, since mobile phones have become universally used, and that is bullying via text messages. It does not necessarily take place only in the schoolyard; it can also be within the family or even on line.

Victims of bullying are commonly anybody that is different, maybe overweight or effeminate. Unfortunately children with disabilities can also still be a target and anyone that is timid or finds it hard to stand up for themselves.

The effect of being bullied make the individual that is being singled out feel that it is their own fault and try to cover up what is happening to them. Actual bullies have often been victimised and are perpetuating the behaviour to others. They ultimately help as well as their victims.

Every school must have an anti-bullying code of practice and they must be carefully adhered to. Parents must act with caution as their child will often assume that it will only make matter even worse.


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