The Truth About The Silence Of Children

Sometimes children will go days without talking. Parents try to figure out why, but since the kids are not talking and parents are not mind readers, it can be trying as well as troublesome.

There are many reasons why a child may not be talking, from the simplest to the most serious.

One reason is simply that a child is playing a game with themselves, or even with friends.

It’s not much different from imaginary friends or any other games[video games] children have.silence

Other reasons have to do with either home or school or both. If a child is feeling too much stress in the home environment or feels as if their talking upsets the parent, they might have chosen just to stop talking.

If there was a recent move and the child was uprooted from their old neighborhood and school it could also cause pent-up anxiety or resentment and this can be their way of expressing it.

The same way as some kids, because of a recent move may revert back to a younger childhood phase and wet the bed.

If they are being harassed, bullied or feel alienated at school that may also be a reason they are not talking.

First find out if it is just occurring at home. Then try talking to the child, and let them know that they can talk when they are ready and be ready to listen. As a last resort seek professional advice from someone who works with kids.


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