Feeding Baby-10 Tips For Breast Feeding That Has More Benefits!

Breast feeding is the best way for feeding baby because the breast milk contains the resistant power. There are many benefits of breast milk.

  • The nutrients needed for your baby are present in breast milk.
  • Your baby can digest this milk easily.
  • It provides the immunity and protects your baby against diseases.
  • It will be at right temperature and is available at right time for your baby.

Feeding baby involves the breast milk which contains all the nutrients that are required for your baby’s growth. Breast milk is rich in vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats in proper proportions.Feeding Baby

10 Tips for feeding baby by breast feeding:

  • Just one hour after delivery, you have to breast feed your child.
  • The milk produced from the mother in first three days will be yellow in color (colostrum) that is healthy for your baby.
  • Your baby may not need any thing except your breast milk for 4-6 months.
  • If your baby urinates for minimum 6 times in 24 hours, she may be getting enough of your milk.
  • You need not worry if your baby undergoes watery motions until your baby passes adequate urine and is active.
  • More breast sucking may lead to the breast infection. So, take care to feed the baby whenever is required.
  • Your baby not only gets hind milk (rich in calories and fats) but also the fore milk (rich in proteins, carbohydrates and the vitamins (this also fulfils the baby’s thirst).
  • The bottle-feeding is not necessary. It is better to avoid it.
  • Bottle feeding may cause failure to the breast feeding.
  • Your baby may suffer with illness if they do not tolerate to the artificial feeding or bottle feeding.

Know breast feeding basics:


Before you put the baby to breast, the baby should be unwrapped. This provides your baby feel the mother’s body freely.

The position of your baby should be semi-upright by which their stomach touches your stomach, the baby’s upper shoulder should be nearer to your breast and lower shoulder touching you.


See that the entire nipple (dark areola) is in your baby’s mouth. If she is young with little mouth, see that her lips cover the lower areola than the upper areola. The sucking is done by the lower jaw of your baby.

Frequency and timings of feeding:

Feeding baby should be done as long as your baby needs and very often (at nights). This helps to get enough of hind milk and feels secure.

Feeding bottles should be avoided:

You should not use the feeding bottles even though if you get them as gifts. The bottle feeding may cause confusion with nipple and it leads to the failure of breast feeding.

The best way of feeding baby is by breast feeding that can make your baby grow strong and energetic.


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