Food Guide Pyramid for Kids

Every parent wants their child to be healthy, and for this they may be looking for food guide pyramid for kids. Having a healthy and balanced nutrition will offer your child everything that they need for proper development and they will have the best start in life possible.



On the base of the pyramid we can find grains. This means that this is the food that the body needs the most. These foods offer children energy because they come with carbohydrates that the body can burn in order to gain energy. For this children should have breads, rice, cereals, and pasta.


This is the food that we find on the second step of the kids’ guide for food pyramid. Although children usually don’t like them, vegetables come with vitamin A and fibers. In this case it is best to go for the colorful vegetables, like broccoli, carrots, pumpkin and so on because they come with more nutritional elements.


When thinking about the food guide pyramid for kids, you ought to know that fruits are just as important as vegetables. They come with a lot of vitamin C which can keep the skin healthy and heal the cuts and bruises. Fiber helps with the digestion of children. They can have just any kind of fruit they want: dried fruits, frozen fruits, fresh fruits, or canned fruits.


According to the food pyramid guide for children, the little ones should have 3-4 servings per day of dairy products which include cheese, yogurt, and milk. They all come with calcium that keeps the bones and the teeth healthy.


One of the most important elements of the food guide pyramid for kids is meat. Kids can have beef, turkey, chicken, pork, or fish. They all come with protein and iron that support the development of the muscles. This way the little one will become a strong young adult.

Other foods

If you can’t find the food that you were looking for regarding the children’s food pyramid guide, it means that it belongs to the group of other foods. Children need very little of the foods belonging to this group and they aren’t essential for their development.

In order to be a responsible parent, you will have to think about the food guide pyramid for kids and guide your child or children towards the right direction regarding their nutrition.


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