Girls Reaching Puberty At Age 7 Due To Obesity, Chemicals

According to a new study, girls are hitting puberty as early as age 7. According to the study, girls may start to develop breasts by age 7 or 8, which is earlier than in the past.

One of the chief reasons for early onset puberty among girls is the growing trend of obesity. Body fat is known to produce sex hormones, which is what may be responsible for this early onset of puberty.

The other factor which could possibly cause early breast development and puberty may be environmental toxins and chemicals that mimic the function of estrogen in the body.

Hormone exposure from either sources, body fat as well as environmental chemicals, is a reason to worry, because there is a link here to increased cancer risk.

Early menstruation is thought to be linked with increased breast cancer risk because of a prolonged exposure to certain female hormones; viz. estrogen and progesterone.

There is also the emotional problem of a child in a woman’s body of having to cope with a sexuality and perhaps interest from the opposite sex that a child is not ready for.


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