Helping Your Child Develop A Happy Outlook On Life

Every parent wants their child to be happy, and not just in the ephemeral “I just got a new toy!” way, but in a way that becomes a part of the child’s way of interacting with the world.

Here are some ways to help your child do just those. [positive parenting tips]

First, consider your own way of interacting with the world. In a very real way, children do what they see us do, and not what we tell them to do.

Find ways to work happiness and joy into your life, and share them with your child. It can be as simple as delighting in a song you like, or sharing an ice cream sundae with your child.child development

Help your child from nurturing relationships. Your child should have a strong emotional connection to you, and should have plenty of friends with whom she can spend time playing and just being a kid. Try to surround your child, and yourself, with happy, positive people and experiences.

Do not emphasize achievement at the expense of experience. Achievement has its place, particularly as we grow older.

But children need an opportunity to explore the process of doing things, and to develop a strong sense of their own likes and abilities. This will give them stronger self identities and help them develop a sense of playfulness and adventure that will keep them curious and engaged with the world.


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