Bedtime Routines Make For Better Sleep

In only two weeks, using a consistent bedtime routine helped mothers get their toddler and infant sleep better.

The practice benefits the mothers as well: mothers who used a regular bedtime routine to help their infants and toddlers get to sleep were less depressed, and felt less fatigue and tension.

Mothers studied were between the ages of 18 and 49. Their children were between the ages of 7 and 36 months.

Mothers kept diaries to track bedtime behaviors, such as how long it took for their children to fall asleep, and how frequently their children awoke during the night.toddler sleep

After a baseline was established, the control group made no changes while the study group followed a specific bedtime routine. The new routine includes a bath, the application of massage or skin lotion and other restful activities. Both groups had to follow specific bedtimes and times for turning out the lights.

In only two weeks, children were falling asleep more quickly, waking up less frequently, and fell back asleep more quickly. Toddlers (children 18 to 36 months) were also in a better mood in the morning.

Adopting a better bedtime routine and schedule may make a difference for you and your child(ren) as well.


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