The Real Importance of Sleep Routine for Your Baby

You must have heard many say that it is important to establish a certain sleeping routine for babies from the very beginning and to put them to bed almost on the same time every day. But have you ever wondered why this thing is so important?  Well the following part of the article will help you understand the importance of sleep routine for babies: Sleep Routine for Your Baby

  • When the baby is as young as about 6-8 weeks, then parents can start developing a sleep pattern for them. Once you do this for a little while, your baby will start predicting the time of sleep and will be more relaxed when the time to sleep comes. This will also help him/her to sleep more peacefully.  This way, babies also learn to fall asleep quickly.
  • Developing a sleep routine for babies will also help them to learn about sleeping habits and will be good both for you and your baby in the future.
  • Developing a sleeping routine is also very important because it helps your babies learn to have a disciplined schedule which can prove to be very essential in the future.
  • By establishing a sleeping routine from the very beginning, you not only help babies learn the time of sleeping but also put their lives into proper order and schedule. This means that when babies sleep and wake at a fixed time every day, they also perform other activities like bathing, eating, cuddling and playing at specific times of the day.  This routine will calm your baby and will not get him/her cranky easily.
  • Sleeping routines not only impact the physical growth and tendencies of babies but also their mental development.  Irregular sleeping routines can disturb the sleep-wake cycle and hence make the baby irritated and cranky all the time.
  • Proper sleep routine and ample amount of sleep time for newborns is very essential for their correct growth and hence mothers must decide on a sleep pattern or routine that suits her own pattern of day activities and sleeping time as well.
  • To develop a proper sleep routine, you must provide your baby with some sleep hints like bathing, feeding, cuddling and rocking.  It you repeat this process every day before putting your little one to sleep, he/she will be able to adjust better and will start recognizing it as the ‘bedtime’.  This positive habit can be developed easily and must be developed at the right age.

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