Setting Up An Easy And Effective Bedtime For Your Child

When setting an effective bedtime, for your child, time is of the essence. You should choose an age appropriate time.

You can also use things like night lights, a teddy bear, or music that they are content with them.

You can also try a warm bath right before you lay them down. However you can also try a bedtime story.

Set the Time and Stick with It

Depending on your child’s age, you should try to set a good bed time for them to have every night. As long as you stick to the time you give them.bed time routine

For example say you lay your child down at 8:30, and your child keeps getting up, and keeps making excuses to stay up don’t allow them to keep getting up. Stay strict to their bedtime. That will help keep them in a routine.

Stories and Stuffed Animals Make Great Bedtime Habits

When it is time for bed another way you can help stay with their routine is, when you lay them down you can read them a bedtime story. That may help them go to sleep easier. When a child has the comfort of you with them before they go to sleep, they will sleep better.

You can also try to give them their favorite stuffed animal. Sometimes when a child has a stuffed animal that they like the most, it will help them sleep. Often when a child feels alone they won’t sleep and they try to stay up, or sleep with the parent. A stuffed animal will help a child not feel so alone.

Turn the Light On and Crank Up the Mozart

You can also try a night light. Most children are afraid of the dark, and will try to make excuses to stay out of bed. That will often mess up the child’s routine. Therefore a night light would allow them to see around the room, and it won’t make them scared to sleep in their own room.

It is good to keep a child’s bedtime in their own room. Another great way to keep your child in their bedtime routine is music. When you play classic music for your child it will sooth and helps them sleep better.

You can also make it fun for your child. You can get different kinds of music, and at bedtime every night you can let your child pick out the music he/she will listen to. That can help them stay in their bedtime routine.

Enjoy a Great End to Your Day

In conclusion, whether you choose a stuffed toy or a favorite lullaby the main point is to make your child feel comfortable and ready for bed at the end of the day.

It may take a few tries to figure out what works best. However, with a little effort you should quickly find that establishing a bedtime routine is not that hard after all.

Once you discover what works best, stick with it. Children respond better to repetitive routines. Plan your day knowing that the ultimate goal is an easy bedtime at your designated time.


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