Trouble Falling Asleep In Physically Inactive Kids

Science has now confirmed, which parents already sensed, that kids who are physically inactive during daytime have more difficulty falling asleep at night.

According to the new study from New Zealand researchers, for every one hour of physical inactivity, three minutes are added to the time it takes a kid to fall asleep. The researchers also told that physically active kids during the day fall asleep faster and sleep longer.child sleep

Dr. Robert Vorona, an assistant professor of sleep medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School, said that in an environment that can offer technological toxicity to our children in the form of increased inactivity, this study reminds parents and clinicians alike of the importance of childhood exercise.

More and more data associates insufficient sleep not only with neuro-cognitive consequences but also with such conditions as hypertension, diabetes and obesity, Vorona said.

Source: HealthDay


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