Tips To Develop Listening Skills In Your Child!

Teaching kids to listen is one of the biggest challenges for the parents.

If you are teaching your kid to listen to others, then you are giving foundation for the relation that your kid can develop.

As a parent, you might often feel like you are speaking to a wall because sometimes children will not pay attention to what you are saying and ignore your words.

This happens because of focusing problems. When children do not focus, they do not have the chance to listen effectively.

Have you seen your children talking much when they are watching television or playing video games or computer games? Children will get hypnotized and they will switch off their minds if they are on computer or other devices.teaching kid

Computer games, television, and other immersing activities occupy children’s time now-a-days. If a kid or any person constantly entertains themselves with devices like computer games, the desire to enjoy more increases, which in turn decreases the attention span and at the same time the listening skills too.

If your child is engaged with these entertaining devices, then try to divert your kids from playing with such devices since these activities require skills to play and most importantly high level of concentration.

Now, you might have understood how these devices make an impact on your kid to develop poor listening skills. So, in order to teach your kids to listen and develop good listening skills, you need to avoid your kids to play with such devices.

On the other hand, schools are also making children lose their attention to listen. Teachers standing in front of the children and talking to them for longer period of time makes children bored and as a result they develop poor listening skills. Of course, there is nothing to be done about this.

How to develop listening skills in children?

The first thing to make your kids listen to you is you listen to your child first. Do not show the ignorance or feeling of bore in front of your kids when they are talking to you. You may like it or you may not, but you should pay attention to their words and show them with every action about how to behave.

Eye contact is very important in any conversation. So, speak to your kids respectfully with pleasantness and sweetness in your voice because your action will make an impact on your children.

You can also teach your kids to listen by reading them some books or stories and ask your kids tell you their understanding of your words. This is an effective method in developing their listening skills as well as developing their knowledge.

If you say something to your kids throughout the day, ask them to repeat the same message. Of course, not word to word of what you say, instead ask them to tell the main thing in that message. This helps you to know how much they are paying attention to your words.

Even though you are busy with your work schedules, take time for your children because spending time with your kids develop their focusing level, listening skills, knowledge, etc. So, it is your responsibility to develop the listening skills in your kids.


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