An Argument In Favor Of Sex Education As Part Of School Curriculum

There are many parents who frown on the concept of sex education in schools, being of the view that this promotes promiscuity and lax morals among children.

In particular there are religious reservations many parents have against the sort of sex education classes that are not based on the “Abstinence only” concept but also teach kids about safe sex.

However, there are many benefits of sex education which we have addressed briefly before as well:

Kids get the facts: Rather than half baked and often inaccurate information from peers, the children receive factually accurate and anatomically correct information.

Correct terms rather than slang or obscene street lingo can be learned by the kids.

Sex education classes are usually gender segregated so that there is no embarrassment among kids and they are taught what gender specific is; and what is important for them to know as a male or a female.

Several myths can help to be dispelled (for instance there is a popular but misguided belief among kids that you cannot get pregnant the “first time”).

Dangerous Behavior can be curtailed: There is the argument that sex Ed classes that are other than “abstinence only” can promote promiscuity.

However it has been seen that early sex Ed classes can actually help children remain abstinent or can help them act in a responsible manner if they do get sexually active. Sexual problems in later life are also seen to be avoided when sex education is given in a timely and effective manner.

Since sex education teaches responsible sexual behavior it can also control social problems such as teen pregnancies. Effective and comprehensive sex Ed can help kids develop skills in commutation, negotiation and refusal.

Teaching principles of safe sex to kids can also help to reduce the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases. Sex education would typically educate children about the dangers of STDs, their modes of being transported and the ways to avoid them.

Teaching children about the dangers of STDs and explaining to them that the only real way to avoid them is abstinence, is an effective way of controlling teen sexual behavior.

And since it is naïve to expect kids to abstain, proper condom use has to be taught since it is the only other method to lower incidence of STDs. Also, matters of communication in situations when the other is unwilling to use a condom, is important to teach.


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