How To Educate Child About Sex And What A Child Need To Know?

Many parents are confused about what they should do when their children ask about sex.

It is absolutely normal that young children are curious about sex topics. They will try to ask questions about sex making parents initially uncomfortable.

Be open! Remember that it is never too early to educate child about sexual matters. Be open to the conversation when discussing about sex.

Your children will understand that sex is acceptable topic and they can ask you about the sex.

No need to explain everything! It is not necessary to explain everything in the first discussion.Educate Child

Many parents believe that sexual education should begin at home and it can be made easier with modern media. Both television and internet help to educate child.

Educate child! Children between ages of 2 to 3 years begin to learn their own bodies. It is wise to educate child the proper names of sex organs. If you don’t teach the proper names, your child feels that there is something wrong with those parts of the body.

It is also important to educate child that no one should be allowed to touch those parts without permission. It is normal for a child to explore their body. Child’s natural curiosity is discovered by self-stimulation.

Educate child about privacy and what is acceptable behavior while in public. If your child reaches to 3 or 4 years, you educate child that boys and girls have different genitals. Educate child with simple and direct answers as your child matures.

When your child is between five and seven, they will be aware of the gender. Your child asks complex questions regarding sex like connection between sexuality and making babies.

You ask your child what he knows and correct the faulty information about sex and reproduction. Educate child including the names of male and female sex organs before they reach puberty.

You can also educate child what happens during puberty, what is sexual intercourse and how women become pregnant. You should teach how to prevent pregnancy, how any one will get sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and how to avoid them.

If you are honest and open, your child will come to you with questions in the future. The child should learn about relationships, love, commitment and respect from you and you are the best teacher.

Children who feel that they can talk about sex with you are less likely to engage in high risk behavior as teen. If you are unable to overcome the discomfort also, you have to start the conversation.

You should educate child about sex as early as possible. If your child is not asking any questions about sex, you look for an opportunity to bring that topic.

Educate child about the biological facts regarding sex. Explain that sexual relationships involve love, caring, concern and responsibility. As there are high number of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, sex education is important for children.

You can educate child regarding sex anywhere like movies, parks, or shopping malls. If you are uneasy to educate child regarding sex, you can take help of your partner, relative, friend or a pediatrician.

Your child will learn many things from movies, friends, internet, and television. But, when it comes to sexuality, nothing can replace the influence of a parent.


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