Improper Backpacks Can Lead To Back Pain

Consumer Reports says, students are asked to haul sometimes heavy loads of notebooks, text books, paper and pencils in backpacks as they go back to school this year. But, many of the backpacks students use do not meet standards.

14 brands of backpacks are tested by the magazine for durability, comfort, accessibility of pockets and other factors.

The magazine’s deputy health editor, Gayle Williams, says that although some backpacks lack in quality, they fared pretty well, but none of the backpacks have achieved “excellent” rating.

Gayle says that the construction of backpack is important and it varies from brand to brand and maker to maker.

Orly Avitzur, neurologist and medical adviser for Consumers’ Union, says it’s important to be thorough when shopping. A poorly made backpack could lead to back pain. “Kids are very susceptible to back pain with carrying weight,” Avitzur says.



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