Parents Have To Be Involved In Children’s Education

It has long been recognized that the key to education in school work effectively is to get parents or guardians involved. [Child education]

In Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, they rolled out a novel approach by setting up a Parent University late last year.

Jerri Haigler is the executive director of the new program. He strongly believes that it will result in better grades and improved attendance rates.

The varied content was agreed by various interested groups from teachers to community agencies and is fairly comprehensive.child education

So far, over 2,500 adult family members have availed of the scheme with a very positive level of feedback.

A large majority of attendees stated that they had learned a lot and plan to use the different techniques that they had been taught.

For a special Family Fun Day, held by the program in the US National Whitewater Center over nine thousand enjoyed a great day out.

Since it started in September 2008, it has increased the number of subjects covered to 64. These include health & wellbeing, parental awareness and personal development.  Interested parties can also benefit from learning about study skills, positive discipline and preparation for course tests.

Various professionals are involved in the Parent University including bilingual specialist Irania Patterson. She reports that the response to the initiative has been very positive. As a presenter, Irania knows that it is providing a great service to the whole community.

The many partners of the program include Teen Health Connection, the YMCA and Carolinas Healthcare System.


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