Parents Questions For Back To School – Part 3

The final part of our post about the most common back to school questions includes these questions that parents frequently want answers to as their kids head back to school:

1. How to treat cold and flu in my child? Lots of fluids and rest is the key to recovery from these common ailments. Water or 100% fruit juice is a good idea particularly in the presence of symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Speak to your doctor about the pain relievers and decongestants that are OK to give your child (should be appropriate for the child’s age and symptoms).

Also speak to the school nurse to find out what infections going around school.

See a doctor in case of worsening or new symptoms or those that do not resolve within some days.

2. Is my child’s immunity compromised if other children not are being vaccinated? No, if your child is vaccinated, he or she is not likely to be compromised because of other children not being vaccinated.

3. What should the school do to protect children? The grounds should be kept clean, water fountains and other surfaces should be kept clean, particularly in flu season. Ask about the school’s plans in case of an outbreak and about instruction about hygiene given to kids.


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