What Is Online Preschool?

For any number of reasons the idea of homeschooling can appeal to parents – for logistical reasons, it may be difficult for a child to be dropped to and picked up from school. Parents could have religious or other convictions that convince them that home schooling is a better option than any other.

Many reasons for home pre-schooling

A child may be slow or advanced; may have behavioral issues or learning difficulties; he or she may even be of uncertain health; for all these reasons and because many parents feel that they could perhaps do the job of educating their child best and with most personal attention, home schooling is an attractive option.

Possibilities of a child being picked on in school or other problems with the school environment may be other reasons.

To begin with, parents may also be chary of exposing their little one to toys that others have used and perhaps infected or other dangers that may be present in an unfamiliar environment.

Parents may also be apprehensive about how their child may respond to being away from home and parents for several hours at a time.

And even parents who have nothing against the school system in general may want that their child should make a start at education right at home; take the first steps towards literacy with their parent literally holding their hand.

What is online preschool?

So if parents decide that they want to start their child off at home so that they can personally teach the child the basics and fundamentals that later education bases itself on, they may find that they are helped by online preschools.

Online preschools can help to prepare a child for school without having to enroll the child into a conventional preschool. Parents can also choose to augment their child’s existing preschool curriculum with an online preschool curriculum. Later a parent can decide to continue home schooling or not; that can be their choice.

The curriculum of online preschools can be taught at home or elsewhere and help a preschooler learn all the usual concepts such as letters, drawing and other learning activities. The usual books, songs, rhymes, games that a child has access to in conventional preschool, are also available as part of online preschool. The learning activities are typically age-appropriate and may be able to be customized in some cases.

Does home pre-schooling make sense for you?

Obviously the decision is best made by the parent, but certain factors do make home preschooling a better option. Home preschooling can be a great timesaver and eliminates several logistical problems that parents would otherwise face.

There are however limitations with the home preschool set up – there is no teacher present to check the progress of a child or to see what or how well he is picking up the material. The parent would have to monitor all of that. Also the benefit of social interaction and making friends with other preschoolers cannot be disregarded, which is not available to a child who is homeschooled.


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