Reasons To Home School Your Child – Part 1

Whether parent(s) choose to put their children into the school system which seems to work perfectly fine for a majority of children or whether they choose to home school a child is obviously their own personal choice.

It can be challenging and many parents may not feel it is the best option for them. But generally speaking, the homeschooling option is one that is chosen for any of the following top ten reasons:

1. Personalized attention: First and foremost is the kind and quality of education that a child receives when he or she is homeschooled. Typically a parent is able to devote one on one attention to a child, so that the child is not lost in a large class of children.

The child is not overlooked, or is not likely to fall behind in class if he or she is receiving the singular and devoted attention of his or her teacher, which in this case is the parent. Weaknesses in any particular subject can be paid more attention to, and there is no possibility of the child missing lessons.

2. Safety and well being: There is no chance that your child is being bullied, or being subject to intimidation or sexual abuse of the sort that could happen in the school environment. Your child will not get into an accident in school or on the way to school. Also if unwell you are best able to monitor your child’s well being.

3. Control over education: A parent has control over what a child learns when he or she is in a homeschooling environment. A parent is able to pass on the fund of their own knowledge and experiences as well as pass on their own values and moral understanding of subjects to their children.

Parents are better able to impart their religious beliefs and personal ethics to children whom they educate personally. Parents don’t have to wonder what their child is being taught in school, and don’t have to fret at the things that are or are not taught.

There may be things taught that parents do not agree with, equally there may be things that parents wished were taught in school. With homeschooling they have that control.

4. The program can be tailored to a child: The child does not have to keep up with the speed of other children. If he or she is very good in a particular subject not as much time needs to be devoted to it; conversely if a child is weak and need extra attention, this is also available.

5. The Parent can share in that Aha! Moment: It is the sheer joy of watching a child imbibe new things in life and enjoying the education process that is a benefit of homeschooling.

As a parent explains the mysteries of the universe to a child and the child’s eyes round with wonder and excitement; this can be a matchless moment for the homeschooling parent and can make it all worthwhile.


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