Sex Education Isn’t Corrupting – It Has Its Benefits

As the brouhaha in Canada about the government’s plan to update its sex-education curriculum for elementary students continues, it is important for parents to understand that sex education is not going to corrupt young minds.

Parents may be right to be concerned about “corrupting minors with explicit sex,” which is a charge leveled by some, however it is important to focus on the kind of sex education imparted as part of the curriculum.

sex education in schools

Parents also need to realize that many parents are reluctant or embarrassed to have that all important ‘Birds and Bees’ chat with their children and that their children then go and pick up some half baked and often inaccurate information from their friends and peers.

Also this is often done in a clandestine fashion that is certainly worse than a free and frank discussion in a class room setting?

Sex education can actually be a means of encouraging and promoting responsible sexual behavior among kids who are at an age of exploration and experimentation.

It would be naïve and misguided of parents to imagine that their children are not experimenting even in the absence of sex education; they may just be going about it the wrong or potentially dangerous way.

Source: Ottawa Citizen


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