Teachers Are Teachers, Not Substitute Parents

Unfortunately under the Bush administration’s education reform programmes, many essential parts necessary for a school system to work have been neglected.

The schools need to follow up the basic learning side of schooling with more career study courses; they cannot possibly substitute the parent’s role in educating the child.

It is true that many families neglect their children’s upbringing due to their social and economical difficulties, but it is not the school’s role to substitute the parents.teachers

Teachers have to get on with teaching, after all that what schools are for; there must be an open and continual dialogue between teachers and school leaders in order to pinpoint ensuing problems.

The evaluation test, which is carried out on students each year to assess their progress, cannot possibly solve the ever-arising problems during the school terms.

This method of evaluation is not reliable; the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) programme must be followed up by more teachers meetings to improve standards of education during the school year.

There would be no point in discarding the NCLB law by replacing it with a new educational reform, though it is important to improve and change some points within the programme.

The level of education has improved greatly since the NCLB law and teachers have worked hard to enhance the level of their students’ results, in order to bring them to a graduate level.

The introduction of qualified librarians has also helped improve the instruction of students through enhanced reading.

What is lacking is a more thorough follow up on those students who could go further with instruction and achieve higher end results.


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