The Concept Of Unschooling? Is It Lazy Parenting?

As home schooling gathers more and more popularity, there is another concept that is inviting criticism: that of ‘Unschooling’.

This involves no formal schooling and is an educational philosophy that permits children to learn through their natural life experiences. There is no standard curriculum, rather there is child directed play, social interaction, household responsibilities, game play and work experience that are expected to be the teachers to a child.

This philosophy is based on the understanding that children are natural learners and that each child learns differently and therefore all children ought not to be subject to the same curriculum.

children watching tv

Critics of this concept claim that when children are simply left to their own devices they will turn to the TV, video games and other undesirable activities. Critics believe this is an excuse for parents to be renegades and not do anything about educating their children.

They even believe that this is hand-off parenting that should be made illegal since it permits the children to have no set bedtime, rules or chores which is not suitable or desirable.

There is also the apprehension that children subject to un-schooling are likely to have poor social skills, may lack peer motivation, suffer from lack of structure in their lives and even find it difficult to find jobs later in life.

Source: Mom Logic


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