5 Tips To Help Your Kids With Their Homework and Studies

Making kids study or do their homework is certainly a herculean task. It often happens that you might end up scolding them all day long and still manage to get nothing done. That is the life of a parent, folks!

However, the task of making your child study may seem difficult but the good news is that you can actually get your child study and have his homework done with the help of a few tips. These tips might sound simple, but, you should know that you get results only when you apply them to real life.

5 Tips To Help Your Kids With Their Homework and Studies

1. Oh, it is the TV!

Yes, our biggest fear but one of the greatest necessities of all time, TV, is really a pain when you want to make your kids study or do their homework. To kids, TV is like a magical land from which all the fun stuff comes, and this whole idea makes them all the more glued to that box.

Make a rule that when it is study time, watching the TV is prohibited. To enforce this rule effectively, you should stipulate some sort of punishment (not physical one, of course!) such as no favorite snack for a week or house arrest for two days.

2. Designating certain areas for studying

You need to eliminate as many distractions as possible, and one way of doing this is by designating certain areas of the house as study zones. Get those areas furniture or other things which add to the studiousness of the room such as a study table, a table lamp, or books.

Once you have designated such places as study places, use them regularly to inculcate a sense of seriousness and dedication.

3. The time for homework

Many times parents allot strict timing rules for homework, which can be really taxing on the kids. Kids need time to understand, and hence, it is advised that parents should be flexible with timing stipulations and should allot time according to the developmental level of the child.

While allotting time, you should also make provisions for quick breaks in between to allow kids to refresh themselves and focus better.

4. Studying is not just doing homework

You need to inculcate an understanding that studying is not about getting homework done. You must encourage your kid to revise his assignments routinely. Tell your kid to not copy and paste, instead use his mind and come up with solutions on his own. Other things you can make your kid do include studying tables, taking notes, making flashcards and summarizing.

5. Watch out for the signs of nervousness and frustration

Kids get frustrated and nervous quickly when put in relatively stressful situations. You need to watch out for the signs of frustration and give them some slack. No learning happens when your mind is uneasy, and the same logic applies to kids.


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